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We Warmly Welcome you to 
Gluten-free Life Expo 2016 on 25-26,  
November 2016 in Tampere Hall, Finland.

It is our pleasure to inform you that Finnish Coeliac Society is organizing the Coeliac Expo for the 5th time in Tampere in November 2016.

All previous expos have been great successes. We are expecting over 4,000 visitors this time.


Wider target group than ever before
At the 2-day event your products and services will meet not only coeliacs but also their families and friends, as well as other people on the gluten-free diet. Healthcare and catering professionals will also be visiting the Expo and updating their coeliac and gluten-free knowledge.

Check out the high profile Expo Programme!
In addition to high profile professional presentations and lectures, there are cooking and baking demonstrations for the first time in the Gluten-free Kitchen. One does not only pop in the Expo but will enjoy the whole day there. The Expo is an excellent opportunity to exhibit, offer tastings, answer and ask questions!

Ensure the best exposure and reserve a ready package stand for your company now!
We are happy to offer you easy and time-saving package stands. The Expo is a meeting place for gluten-free producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, service producers and customers. Come and start networking!

Stands and further information:

Marjo Jokinen Expo Coordinator
Finnish Coeliac Society
+358 50 556 9999
marjo.jokinen a

Guidelines for gluten-free cooking and serving for catering professionals

Finnish Coeliac Society has produced guidelines for gluten-free cooking and serving for catering professionals. The guidelines include instructions of how to take care of coeliac patients in hospitals and residents retirement or nursing homes. These concise bullet point posters and a film clip can be downloaded here.

Film clips for coeliac disease patients

Is it Coeliac Disease? Coeliac Patient at Doctor’s Appointment
What Can I Eat Now? Coeliac Patient at Dietician’s Appointment
How Do I Find Gluten-free Products in the Supermarket? A Coeliac shopping for groceries

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HEHKUVA - Promoting Psycho-social Well-being for Coeliacs-Project 2012-2015

[pdf]HEHKUVA - Promoting Psycho-social Well-being for Coeliacs -Project 2012-2015, 252 kb, Päivitetty: 10.05.2012

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Gluten-free Finland - tips for travellers

[pdf]Gluten-free Tampere, 53 kb, Päivitetty: 10.06.2010

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The primary interest of the Finnish Coeliac Society is to improve the well-being of Finnish coeliac patients in their daily life.

Networks of the Finnish Coeliac Society

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You can find links for international coeliac societies websites during link above.

Finnish Coeliac Society

The primary interest of the Finnish Coeliac Society is to improve the well-being of Finnish coeliac patients and others who follow gluten-free diet for their health in their daily life.

Finnish Coeliac Society has over 23.000 members (2015) and the number is growing rapidly.

Finnish Coeliac Society publishes cookbooks for gluten-free baking and cooking, and Keliakia-magazine (in Finnish) whitch informs the membership and others interested in current themes in the coeliac life. The society also gives nutritional advising in gluten-free diet and collaborates with researchers interested in coeliac disease.

Contact information

Finnish Coeliac Society/Keliakialiitto ry

Hammareninkatu 7
SF-33100 Tampere,
Phone:+358 3 2541 300
E-mail:Info @